Our Background

Since being established in 2017, Kingdom Moves has been known for an unparalleled commitment to empowering people. We use multimedia platforms to inspire you to unlock your God-given potential.


A world where people can live a whole life by yielding to God's direction.


Our mission is to help people become, by making Kingdom Moves


You are unique. You are important. God has a purpose for your life. God has created you to do good works, which He prepared beforehand for you to do Eph 2:10. You get ultimate fulfilment by doing your God-prepared good works. You become by making Kingdom Moves.

What we do?

1) Media - we use media tools to encourage you on your journey towards purpose.

Check out our Media resources page for videos, blogs and enriching texts.

2) Minister - Contact Kingdom Moves to minister/sing at your event.

Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

3) Christian Speaker - Invite Kingdom Moves to speak at your event.

Our contact details can be found HERE.

4) Mentoring - Need mentorship or have questions that need answers?

Reach Out to us today.

5) Community - We are creating a community of people who are moving towards achieving their God given purpose.

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About The Founder

Samuel Obute has a passion for God and for developing people. His love for God is evident while he mentors young people, in his ministry of songs and in his walk in the financial industry.

Q&A Session

Why do you love God?

I honestly do not know where my life will be without God. In very difficult moments in life, He was always there.

What is your educational background?

I am a First class graduate of Accounting and Economics from Lancaster University.

Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy singing, jogging, taking pictures, mentoring and sometimes just reflecting in a quiet space (lol, not sure if that counts). I also have a desire to learn so occasionally you might find me reading, watching mind refreshing videos or just listening to people with specialist knowledge about a particular subject.

What is the Purpose of Life? God has a Plan. Kingdom Moves

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